There are many ways to create the look of a website.

But at the beginning there is always the question: What information do I want to put on my page?

For the question of how to proceed afterwards, we have a few possible answers here:

Free HTML templates

You can find the most cost-effective design with the search engine of your choice. Thousands of HTML templates can be downloaded and used for free or for little money. We will recolour it according to your wishes, put in your favourite font and add your logo.


  • The template Editorial by HTML5 UP was the basis for the look of the website of the leisure centre Haus Heliand.
  • The template Health by uiCookies was the basis for the look of the website of the practice Schwill in Pohlheim-Garbenteich.

Further examples on request.

Conversion or renovation?

You already have a site that you are happy with, but it could do with a fresher colour and a less dusty font here and there? Often a big effect can be achieved with a small effort.

Older websites in particular often have a completely different problem: they don't really work well on mobile devices. Here, too, we are happy to remedy the situation without trying to sell you a complete website.

Your creativity

We are happy to receive designs from our customers. Be inspired by other websites, reinvent the internet.

We are happy to provide you with a guide that will make it easier for your visitors to find their way around your website (and for us to put it online).

Design from the professional

Where individuality and professionalism are desired, the path leads directly to the professional. In recent years, we have worked with two designers in particular, whom we will be happy to put you in touch with. We then use their designs to build your website. But we are also happy to receive designs from any other professional.

The following pages were created in cooperation with Jacqueline Bruhn (Hamburg):

The following pages were created in collaboration with Tamara Zetsche (Frankfurt am Main):

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