From the idea to the website

What awaits you on the way to your own website? We want to point out the necessary steps here, which should best be processed in the order given. We are happy to take over many parts for you, with all others we are happy to support you to the best of our ability.

In der Konzeptionsphase geht es nicht um endgültige Entscheidungen, es geht um die Richtung.

What goal are you pursuing with your website? Is it enough to be found via search engines or should the site be part of the service you offer? As part of the conception, it should be clear ...

... which subpages your website should have, where which information is located,

... what types of content you want to present (text, images, image galleries, videos, ...),

... which functions the website should have (contact form, news ticker, social media feeds ...),

... how the articles should be sorted, ultimately: what should the navigation tree look like?

... what makes the site your site (is there a company CD with colors, fonts, logos, ...?),

... which search terms should be used to find your site in the search engines,

... how the site should be maintained. Do you want to be able to edit the pages yourself using a content management system (CMS) or is a static website sufficient, in which little or no changes are expected?

With all these points, it is legitimate to fall back on concepts from other websites. And even if the decisions in this phase depend solely on you, we would be happy to discuss your results with you.

A basis of the design of your website are the colors that your company also uses for its communication.

When it is clear what the site should have to offer, it is a question of design. We have put together various options for this, covering everything from solutions for the small budget to very exclusive websites. We would also be happy to advise you on this.

Depending on what you intend to do with your website, it can be important in which country the server that makes your website available is located.

Your site has to be housed somewhere. You need server space where browsers can find your website when it's ready. As a rule, the hoster will also provide you with your desired domain for your website.

Here, too, we are happy to advise you, even if not completely independently, since we participate in Alfahosting's partner program and they pay us for every mediation.

But: depending on how you plan your website, the server space must meet various technical requirements. Before signing the contract, we will be happy to check whether the server space is suitable for your project.

PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and possibly some Javascript - and your site is ready to use.

When all of this is settled, we can start with the implementation. We usually present you with intermediate statuses of our work. They also help to clarify detailed questions.

Depending on how extensive your project is and how busy we are, building your website will take a few days or several weeks.

At the same time, the handbook is created for you.

If you are familiar with the use of word processing software, you will quickly reach your goal with a CMS.
Filling: test and training

Using a CMS is not difficult and the best training is to fill the website with your text and images before it is online.

An important further test of the website also takes place here: Can you change everything on your page that you want to be able to change? Do you receive the e-mails from the contact form? But this is only possible with your cooperation.

The proofreading of your texts will take place now at the latest. We are happy to support you.

The launch of a new website is always an uplifting moment—for us too!

In order for your website to be visible on the Internet, it only takes a mouse click once everything has been prepared.

What else can we do for you?

We would be happy to support you with content maintenance. Edit texts? Image editing? We are here for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We will gladly call you. When is it best for you?
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